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29th November

Corporate Event Planners | Corporate Event Services

EventOlogy are more than just your ‘normal’ event planners.

With EventOlogy you also get:
  • Talent consultancy & production management
  • Event accreditation, tickets & seating for talent, VIPs & guests
  • Management of backstage areas, brand placement, green rooms & hospitalityCoordination of talent for media & brand partnership initiatives
  • On-site office management, staffing & team support
    Event planning, production and account forecasting
  • Location sourcing, venue decoration & table plans
  • Talent production, staging & technical requirements, hospitality & security
  • Design and distribution of invitations & brochures
  • Procurement of table gifts, auction & raffle prizes
  • Coordination of talent for press & PR initiatives
  • Planes, trains and automobiles
  • Talent representation & execution of PR activity & schedules
  • Competition fulfilment, management of talent & winners during prize experience
  • Showcases, album launches, film premieres, sporting and fashion events
  • Plus much much more

As Corporate Event experts, we look forward to any questions you may have about your events

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